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Workshops & Residencies

20190617 UA teachers push.JPG

Middle school students after performing their show, "Gossip Diary"


What does "push" feel like?

20190617 UA teachers collaborative push.

Teachers exploring equal & opposite force while learning about dance partnering

Sheila teaches workshops and conducts residencies for people in grades Kindergarten through Graduate School, for professionals, and retirees.

Teachers demonstrating dance, math, & science vocab--"under & through"

For College & University


Community-Based Performance: Where Art and Activism Intersect

Collaborative Creative Process for Performers

Devising New Work

Mime & Movement for Actors

Master Classes

Body-Language & Non-Verbal Communication for Actors and other Humans

For High School


Devising Original Performances with Youth at Risk

Mime & Movement for Actors



Collaborative Creative Process for Performers

Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication

Juggling for Beginners

For Middle & Elementary School


Devising Original Performance for Youth at Risk

What Were They Thinking? Exploring Figures from History with Drama

Communicate! Collaborate! Create! Mime!

Opinion, Argument, Reasons: Dramatic Exercises to Boost Writing

Speak, Listen, Discuss, & Collaborate with Theatre

Circus Arts



Movement for Actors

Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication

Juggling for Beginners

For Elementary School


Forces and Motion: Science and Dance

Mime Adds Zip! to Writing

For Professionals, Adults, Seniors



Creating Original Performance

For Teachers & Teaching Artists

Arts Integration Workshops

Forces & Motion: Science, Dance, & Drama

What Were They Thinking? Integrating Theatre, ELA, & History

How Do I Get My Students to Collaborate & Discuss Effectively?

Creating a Cooperative Classroom for Learning with  Drama

Using Drama to Elicit Details & Elaboration in Writing

Games We Can Play to Teach Our Standards

Moving Migration: A Brief History of Humanity

For Teaching Artists

Integrating Your Art with the State Standards

For Activists

Community-Based Performance for Social Change

For Performers

Collaborative Creative Process

Individual Coaching on Creating Your Best Work & Performing it Brilliantly


High school students collaborate on a short  performance about bullying.

2013-05-10 aftersch mime & juggle

Teachers demonstrating dance, math, & science vocab for K--"under & through"

Thank you for another brilliant residency. The kids are smiling, and I can see their confidence boosting!

--Natalie Rambaldi, Youth Education Director, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro, NC

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